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A Race of Some Fame

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Based on that song of No Name On the first part of my journey,I was focused on the road ahead,I dove down the dune and shot for the moonI ran until I was redThe first thing I saw made me stumble in aweAnd the sky was cloudless aboveThe heat was hot and the sand was softBy the end of the day I was dead. I’ve been through the desert on a race of some fameIt felt good to be out of the rainIn the desert, you can run for your…read more

Sitting at Starbucks

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(this is not about Starbucks the ubiquitous; it’s about a certain place, certain personalities, people that know my drink and have my mug at the ready, people that are happy to see me — that Starbucks in Itaewon central, that Starbucks is gone now…) Every day, laptop laden, I make my way to inspiration way, a soft-cushion destination for some deep-seated thought. Sitting at Starbucks, half aware of the chatter of the chit-chat girls And the coffee shop gangnam guys The table circles The pseudo art, the big green sign…read more

…like the theatre
and dancer’s passion
and tragedy
and despair.

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Everyday is a Journey
and the journey itself is home.
~ Matsuo Batso

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Haiku for You

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