the superhero pETEthePoet

Such is the life of a superhero-poet

A journey into the world of words should take us somewhere unknown, on a walk through the dark heart of words to the edge of understanding, through wooded thoughts beyond wandering intentions to the verge of the vexation then back, on a crossing of the coursing pains and pleasures of life’s currents, caught in momentary undertows, run amuck then run aground battered and torn, coming ashore in a place newfound and fresh, awash with the open eyes of a chilling encounter and the memory of an adventure.

That’s the spirit.

____________________ Author’s Prologue*____________________

We only ask that in your readings
of this, the poems and all proceedings,
be now thus of Theban mind
and unto gods so be kind.
Knowing that the gods are real
as the Greeks of old did feel,
lest thou must in fear conceal
thine own little Achilles heel.


Played the role of starving poet for a while, sold my spirit to the advertising bunny and hopped along, now it’s time to share. Of the poems you will see here, some are new and some are old, some are hesitant and  some bold, some even snuck up on me and took me by surprise, so treat them well with a good read and a thought or two, then leave them with a pat on the head.  They deserve it, don’t you?

Peter N. Liptak

Peter Nicholas Liptak1