Goodbye Korea

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Visa hot in hand… ‘merica here we come!
But when will we land? And what will become
of the friends who made this place home, those expat alum…
How do you say goodbye to 20-year associates,
to the long friends, the Seoul mates that made this place almost home?

And where will their fates take them? Beyond borders to what will be from what has been…
I will keep you in heart and head, remember all I heard and and all unsaid,
the things we did, the beer we had, the late nights kalbi fed.
To the runners and the drinkers and the thinkers, to the sometime (by-my-side) sinners,
to the incessant selfie girls’ subway sessions and it’s kimchi soju stench,
to every ajjuma in all her color, the sticky-rice culture, to the traffic – yes, somehow I’ll miss you too.

So with tangled ends still untied. Making’ knots and dotting dots. Still much to be clarified…
(When will the mad dash subside?), I bid you friends a fond farewell.
I’ll await your knock at my door. And for those I return to, it is my pleasure to tell…
so glad to see you once more!