Sitting at Starbucks

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(this is not about Starbucks the ubiquitous; it’s about a certain place, certain personalities, people that know my drink and have my mug at the ready, people that are happy to see me — that Starbucks in Itaewon central, that Starbucks is gone now…)

Every day,
laptop laden,
I make my way
to inspiration way,
a soft-cushion destination
for some deep-seated thought.

Sitting at Starbucks,
half aware of the chatter
of the chit-chat girls
And the coffee shop gangnam guys

The table circles
The pseudo art, the big green sign
The walkers in, the loungers
Work and distraction

Muzak in the back
Of my mind

I feel as if I am
swimming in the fish tank
of coffee culture
writing wet

On the be right back
Realizing that belonging can be nice
in this overly independent state of being

I say I, I-I-I—I, I-I-I—I
Just got to be
Sipping latte’s to be free
Of the day’s dedication
To open-laptop contemplation
To indifferent dedication

The tragedy is I can’t stay
late into the night, but I may
be back in the early morn
for the bright feel and the
Welcome to that simple-syrup sweet Starbucks smile.