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Night, blast, blight, cast
Silver, quiet, quiver, diet…


The Word

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A man in transcendental clothes accosted me in the street.
He asked me for a moment’s strength
to beg a word and busk a poem’s length.
A simple request, straightforward and true.
He’d write his best and I’d give him his due.
But at word’s cost, my mind went blank.
My patience was lost. My heart sank.
I raced in mind’s heat amid frozen breath
tugged at scruff and fought with death.
I thought of past conversations and discussions and worlds apart,
then at last vibrations and percussions of word’s art
began stilted then spewing:
“Night, blast, blight, cast
Silver, quiet, quiver, diet
Pool, passion, fool, fashion
Menace, master, Venice, faster
Love, lude, fantasy, food… ”
On and on those words did flow
and visions passed and time did go
as they spattered and sputtered
’till the sidewalk was cluttered
with words stewing
and woes eschewing.
Then a hunger took me as my thoughts assailed us
and I stopped of a sudden as those words hailed us
But one word was left and as is my fashion
from my heart it was cleft and over and over in my passion

His poem came but moments later
by Danube made with word to cater:

“Liquid, solid, powder it don’t matter
just the sound of chocolate ‘ll make my heart patter
You say milk and I say chocolate.
You say milk and I say chocolate.
I eat so much chocolate you say I’m a quack.
Need I remind you it’s an aphrodisiac.
You say milk and I say chocolate.
You say milk and I say chocolate.
I love you dearly. Yes it’s true,
But the color of chocolate is my passion hue.
You say milk and I say chocolate.
You say milk and I say chocolate.”

His poem was simple, fresh and couth,
but his English was not so good in truth.
He read it to me and it made me laugh.
I gave him five shillings and crossed his path.

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