The Last Chance

Posted by in Death and Chocolate

When my demons come for me
I won’t go with them willfully.

When my demons come for me
They chase my shade eternally
to holler and bellow
“Submit and follow.”

When my demons find my shadow
all weak, my gut hollow
they plant their ugly seed
’till I kneel and plead.

When my demons call for me,
they steal away my pride,
they tease, prod, chide,
’till someday I’ll subside.

When my demons last came to me,
I sat to share and soft sip of life
while they contrived to sap my destiny
yet I once more chose pain and strife.

When my demons shy away,
I worry that they’ve gone astray
in fear that they’ve abandoned me…
They’ve become my friends you see.

When my demons next come for me.
I’ll go with them quietly.
My soul is tired. I’ll rest awhile,
and leave with a tractile smile.