The Grammar Lesson

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You are my grammar
as I am your object
to accept your subject’s intensifiers.
Set me off in any sentence position.
I go as well before or after your verb.

I predicate your clause and need no passive voice
as your active verb
is always there to curb my adverb.

If my love could be in an adverbial phrase
I’d be lost in a proverbial maze
of more, more, more, more!
In a daze, I feel your sentence curve
around my dreams imperative.

We need no articles
to cover our passion gerund
and our love lacks pronouns.

I will be your future progressive
as you are my present perfect.
Your adjectives are many and race in mind
and modify my sentence structure
as modals of would, could, can and will fill my heart.

I see no conjunction between us.
We share the same page
as you are my aspect and time frame
in book’s art never to part.
I am your conditional possessive…
Will you be my Valentine?