Teddy’s Camp

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With mom’s goodbye, the tears flow.
A hug, a wave… it’s time to go
Teddy gets on the bus to start
off for camp, sad to part.

The bus lets out on a field of green.
A flock of faces, strange and new.
Teddy sees a sea of smiles
from counselors done up in happy styles.

Teddy meets his cabin companions:
Ben and Ken and Will and Damien.
Find a bunk, get settled in
with the all the bears of cabin seven.

Down to the waterfront with the crew,
Teddy takes a swim in blue.
Climb back out, then jump back in…
The dock a rockin’ from all the splashin’ .

Venturing out to explore the wood,
climbing the biggest tree he could.
Teddy views things far and near.
The top of nature, green and clear.
The surrounding world abuzz with the sighs
of bustling leaves and floating dragonflies.

The lunch bell clangs, a table full of food,
To feed body, mind and spirit’s mood.
Then for a nap on grassy hill,
Teddy lay back to dream his fill.

Out the trail for riding fun,
Teddy gets on horseback to run
around the ranch into the sun.
Making tracks, gallum gallum.

Teddy spends the afternoon sailing
with the wind at his back, ever trailing.
Then on to arts and crafts to make
tie-dye t-shirts for color’s sake.

The bears rush off to take canoes…
A race across the lake in twos.
Teddy’s team silver sleek, cut the waves paddles dipping.
Woo Hoo! They shout, in rhythms wake. Through the water the craft zipping.

“Hey ho, nobody home…”
Campfire’s call, from the darkness come.
“The day is done, gone the sun…”
The friends are made, the stories sung.

The busses come, homeward bound.
Some sad goodbyes, hugs around.
Ready to rest, home to sleep sound.
Teddy’s journey of friendship found.

Smiling a welcome like sunshine raining,
Mom has come to the bus stop waiting.
A welcome home, a bright beginning,
Teddy telling about his trip, grinning.

Excerpt From: “Teddy’s Camp” by Peter Liptak