Sleepy Pete

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Just found this and have no idea where it goes from there… so add if you will to the madness. Where will you take it? Post your thoughts below and add as you like – lets keep it going

picture of Peter Liptak napping

Getting some much needed laziness in

.Sleepy Pete

A tale of intrepid beginnings, a nap and a flowery bloom of sorts. A story that left little Pete a changed snoozer and plenty awake for the flight of fancy soon to come.

One day, not so long ago but in a place, well not really a place (as our friends here were in transit – that means going from one place to another… and maybe even another after that), but anyway, somewhere not here but there and going somewhere not there but somewhere completely outside the neighborhood of our knowledge. Well, that day had begun without a night, or at least a night’s rest – for no one can stop the night, and so had taken our hero (that’s Pete) to the very edge of sleep, but not crossed over it’s welcome threshold into sweet silence and blissful slumber. This Pete, passing beyond tired, trudged out on an expedition, an epic journey, a trip, plain and simple…