Gone fishin’

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Do fish like plaid
I do . . . Do you?
My hat is plaid.
It’s a plaid hat.
A plaid fisherman’s hat.

As I walked toward the river
to fish with my friend Pat,
I started to shiver
so I put on my hat.

It’s red and green and blue
it’s white, yellow and black too.

How can so many colors
work together
to protect my head
from all kinds of weather?

The fish were jumping that day…
jumping for joy I’d say,
for the day had grown to be warm and bright.
Those fish I’d say were quite polite
to greet us with such a strange pretty sight.

We sat by the river
and Pat
noticed a cat
prancing along the river.
Surely fish never chat
with a cat!?

That cat came along and jumped in the river
to make a dish
of a fish
at which point I started to quiver

For a high jumping fish
jumped into my hat.
It made a big squish,
imagine that.
Fish do like plaid you see,
I just wish they’d leave my hat be.