Formation of the Celts

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Through dreams portents and visions
I found the Fertile Crescent’s
Mesopotamian world
Of Darius and Xerxes
From Cyrus’ long descent.
Ships flew fast from end to end
Close guarded by Persian ports
At Carthage, Tyre and Issus,
To gather up the world and
Place upon the feet of men
Whose hubris plays undaunted.

Then rose a polis to fling
Insult at Xerxes’ demands.
Greeks tore at the tattered fringe of
Darius’ weakened rule
For free men fight unchained
With wild arms eschewing pain
To protect that life they hold
So dear to city and state.
But soon greatness grew to greed
As Midas’ touch tainted
They fell to fight in factions.

Macedonian phalanx
Bound by land, bound to conquer,
Regained the great Greek world,
Turned attention to Persia
And doled greatest injury
At hand of Phillip’s issue.
But Alexander alone
Could bond his conquered world and
Power fell to power new,
As Rome did rise to grasp at
Reigns of Neptune’s stone white steeds.

Then northern Latins rumbled
Down and splashed and stomped around,
Trod heavy on land and sea,
Reached full round Europe’s extant
Mediterranean sound.
But pillars of pride tumble
Down like men in acts of war.
Then, battle-axe to beaker
Mingled in Europe’s Celtic
Plain but left the world unmarred
By city, greed or guilt of sin.