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If I had chased you down
a leafy lane of fall…


Early Rendezvous

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If I had happed
upon your early midst
of springtime slumber
naked and sparkling
in sunshine’s dew,
would your form be still
for my curvaceous ovations?

If I had come to you
in a grassy knoll bike halt
to fall on your bathing breast
in a salt
of odours
and summer sweat,
would you fret
or carefully drown
my stench
in violet passion?

If I had chased you down
a leafy lane of fall
with a downtown “Hey you!”
or a witty “Wait!”,
would our love not have fallen
to such a vibrant hue
of maple red?

If I hadn’t met you
in slowest winter
amidst a heat
of dark music
and smoky origins,
would we be together
in our ultimid grace?

Was “Sprechen Sie Deutsch”
my saving line
or was it my transition
from toe knee
to I’m Peter
or were you mine
always and I forever

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