Consensual Communication

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Consensual Communication PoetThe way your tongue wraps
around those words,
so sexy my soul salivates.
Here, at room’s rear,
I hang on every turn
of phrase, back-arching through
every bit of banter,
every burning urge… surging,
spurred auditorily,
in every curve of word,
every scent of sass,
seared with sweat…
Triggering the chill and churn
in bated-breathed anticipation
of your next

With every observation
cool and common,
or heated and heartful
erotic thoughts in waves awash
in notions
both naughty and natural
haunting and hypnotic.

Yeah, even that offhand assertion
remarkably said
like lyrics, lissome and lustful language
slowly ascending.

Caught in that moment of unfettered communication
I felt unfastened, exposed and ajar, laid bare,
and though you’ve probably never even glanced in my direction
as you felt those words flow, that jell of jargon jolting (like barazenly-public fornication)
you set my mind in motion.
Fraught by your clear command of that language,
that power and proficiency,
that left me exhausted, expressionless, in a heap on the floor…

I speak so, freely in your absence from our attentive audience
though still unbearable to be
so far from the kiss of your words
the significance of such sexy speech.
The consequence of those words
intertwined with my contemplations
lay heavy, like our self-imagined exhausted bodies,
gleaming as if honey golden
shaking and spent.

Later, I lay and linger on your
soft expressions,
the velvet of your terms touch
cogent and convincing…
consensually heard,
yet visceral in its trespass
on my salivating spirit.

Now in mind’s musing
I listen again in steamy secrecy
through relentless reflections
to that penetrating missive
shared from mounted mic
vocal and volatile
and oh, so sensual…
So I await that next
whoosh of bated breath,
of wetted lip expression,
of fire and fervor,
of devoted dissemination
doting on your ardent words wrapping me
in the fantasy of our eyes entwining.

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