Coffee Shop Blues or The Cool Cap

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I’m wearing a hat today It’s blue
“Why is it blue?”
You might ask… As I do.

My blue hat
My blue cap
My cool cap

“Why isn’t it purple,
Brown or Black?”
You wonder
As I blunder.

I suppose it’s blue
Because it’s made of denim
Most denim is blue…
You know. I do.

My blue denim cap
My blue denim baseball cap
My cool cap

Which naturally leads you
To the inquiry
As with me
“Why is denim blue? Is it sad?
Is it cold too?”

It could be blue
Like a cool billowing breeze
but it keeps my head warm
from the cold winter’s freeze.

Or blue… too
Like a sweet sad song
But it’s bright and happy
And the bill is quite long.

I guess blue
Can be happy
And cool too

So here I sit
Wearing my blue jeans
My blue denim shirt
And sporting, before my afternoon nap,

My cool blue denim baseball cap
My cool beautiful billowing breezy blue denim baseball cap
My cool cap

And wonder if I’m blue
Too . . . Are you?