The Bag Lady and the Union Man

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A lot of people don’t realize what’s happening to us… What’s happening to the middle class, to the working class, to the blue-collar class, to me, to you, to the union man. A lot of people forget because they want only to forget:

Hey bag lady
You old bag
You hag
You’re a drag
Bag lady

Hey bag lady
Sitting on the bus
Trying to discuss
All you do is cuss
Stay away from us
Bag lady

Hey bag lady
When you nag
For a fag
Or a drag
Our noses sag
From your breath
Your airborne death
Bag lady

Hey bag lady
Is it true
When we rag on you
Does your heart sag
Into your bag
Like a blood drenched rag
Do your eyes sag
From tears
Bag lady

Hey bag lady
Did you die
Does your soul fly
Should we sigh
When you walk by
Bag lady
Did you die…
Or did I?