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The Bag Lady and the Union Man

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A lot of people don’t realize what’s happening to us… What’s happening to the middle class, to the working class, to the blue-collar class, to me, to you, to the union man. A lot of people forget because they want only to forget: Hey bag lady You old bag You hag You’re a drag Bag lady Hey bag lady Sitting on the bus Trying to discuss All you do is cuss Stay away from us Bag lady Hey bag lady When you nag Nag Nag For a fag Or a…read more


How NOT to make New Year’s Resolutions

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How many New Year’s resolutions have been left by the wayside, homeless and unwanted, begging by the roadside only a few weeks, days or even moments into the New Year? Why trudge haphazard into an uncertain transformation, only to slip back into bad-habitsville. Leave the resolutions to those with real resolve!


Again Tomorrow

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I love you in every long lonely walk home
from the fall of autumn
to the deep quiet of winter
through the early rising spring
to the lazy daze of summer.


If I had chased you down
a leafy lane of fall…

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Too Long Separate

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I listen to the ballads of my blue mind
and think of you.

You are in the taste of blotted lipstick
on the lip crests of my morning.
You are the swift stroke and new razor
greeting the rough-hewn stubble of my face.
You are every drop of wet
in the shower of memory.

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Haiku for You

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