A nation ignored

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What happens to a nation ignored?

Does it dry up
like some dream deferred…
it’s citizens starving,
their vision blurred?

Will they wait in weakness, remain unheard,
caged and useless – once wild, now inured?
Can they be riled, enraged… or even stirred
to take what is fed to them
word for word and break the succession;
to shake the constant procession of oppression
followed by session after session
of unadulterated aggression?

What happens to a people starved
for truth, fed falsehood as fact
carved in stone as if actual.
Eking out an existence in untamed times
Looking for their next meal, and yet
finding only thirst and threat.

Living on a diet of paradise lost and Dear Leaders parading
through the deafening hunger of false utopia’s invading
voices, wanting only the food of faith in their nation
their energy waning,
their fealty fading,
their patience lost…
At what cost?

What happens to a nation ignored?
Will it wither on in an untoward state
or rise up pen and sword with hate?

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