Pete's Poetry

You are my every line
my conscious grammar
my pen
my hammer.

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The Grammar Lesson

Posted by in Love's Name, Poems

You are my grammar
as I am your object
to accept your subject’s intensifiers.
Set me off in any sentence position.
I go as well before or after your verb.

I predicate your clause and need no passive voice
as your active verb
is always there to curb my adverb…



Posted by in Love's Name, Poems

You are my inner fire
my silver sharp
love’s harp
burning desire.

You are my runner girl
of fated sneaker…


The Dream

Posted by in Death and Chocolate

The eyes make a woman
somehow surreal
dark and devilish
somehow drastic
in their opposition
to the cool curves
of the slick mountain
roads I followed
up and down…

Haiku for You

Haiku for You

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