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The Bag Lady and the Union Man

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A lot of people don’t realize what’s happening to us… What’s happening to the middle class, to the working class, to the blue-collar class, to me, to you, to the union man. A lot of people forget because they want only to forget: Hey bag lady You old bag You hag You’re a drag Bag lady Hey bag lady Sitting on the bus Trying to discuss All you do is cuss Stay away from us Bag lady Hey bag lady When you nag Nag Nag For a fag Or a…read more



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I am the boy who wears hats.
Like Bartholamew Kubbins,
I wear them for protection.
I wear them for warmth.
I wear them for flair,
Or to keep my hair—from flying.
Some I never wear,
Only hang them up
Like dreams upon the wall…


…To find her gone
Blank like the memory
Of my fiction

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